Is Booking your Destination Wedding online less expensive?

Is booking your Destination Wedding online less expensive?
• The myth that booking your wedding online is less expensive and less stressful isn’t true.
• When booking online you are required to pay in full at time of booking with no allowable changes.
• When booking online you have no idea about the amount of rooms that will be available for your invited guests to accommodate your group.
• If guests book online and can’t get stay at your choice resort they will be charged an additional fee per person to enter the resort. This fee depends on the resort but is typically $200 USD per person.
• When booking your wedding online the bride and groom are responsible for managing the wedding group, guests, resort details etc. The resort will need to confirm the wedding date, the amount of guests expected in order to plan the ceremony, the dinner and the welcome reception if applicable. Having this managed by a wedding specialist also avoids overpayment or additional costs for the wedding couple.
Note: Resorts can only accommodate a specific number of weddings per day depending upon the resort… therefore it’s important to manage this properly.

When booking with a UNIGLOBE Destination Wedding Specialist:
• Guest only pay a deposit with final payment several months later.
• If changes are required the Wedding Specialist will assist and work directly with the resort, tour operator and airline.
• Should weather be a factor and cause delays or changes the Wedding Specialist ensures the group is managed properly and the resort is informed of any changes. This is especially important should a wedding date change be required.
• The Wedding Specialist manages the group block of rooms to ensure all guests are able to attend.
• There are no additional expenses when using the services of a dedicated UNIGLOBE Destination Wedding Specialist. The services are included at no additional costs with no service fees for wedding groups. Our tour operators pay us directly for bringing them the business and this avoids any increase in price directly to the customer. Therefore, your wedding coordination is at no cost and the pricing is the same or less expensive compared to the internet.
• UNIGLOBE includes wedding invitation inserts so invited guests are informed with complete wedding details. Should guests have questions they can contact the dedicated wedding specialist directly.

Keep in mind: A destination wedding is planned several months in advance and therefore guests have questions leading up to the departure date. The typical questions are related to optional upgrade categories, deviations, changes after the booking etc.  That's where your UNIGLOBE Destination Wedding Specialist takes the burden off you - we can answer all of your guests questions about the options available to them for your wedding!  

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By Melanie Moore on 01/11/2017 in Anywhere

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